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Welcome to Councilman, Farlow, Marlowe & Co., PLLC!

Public accounting, as well as many other aspects of our present society, has changed dramatically in the last decade. A good accountant must now be many things to his or her clientele – a management advisor, a business consultant, a financial planner, and an investment counselor – in addition to providing the traditional accounting and tax services.

The professionals at Councilman, Farlow, Marlowe & Co., PLLC believe in providing each and every one of these services in order to fulfill the ever-changing needs of businesses and private individuals. Our team of professionals provide just the right combination of financial services and accounting skills. Our offices are located in Greensboro, NC at 4125-D Walker Avenue, telephone (336) 294-2840 and Archdale, NC at 313-A Trindale Road, telephone (336) 861-6338. Councilman, Farlow, Marlowe & Co., PLLC is dedicated to personal attention and quality standards of service.

Using the latest technology and accounting techniques, which our continuing education policy ensures, we fill an ever-widening range of client needs. Whether you own a large or small business or simply need some personal financial planning, Councilman, Farlow, Marlowe & Co., PLLC is the accounting firm for you. We will put our years of experience and training to work for you.